Sunday Journal

the beauty in shared experiences

Grabbing my keys and camera I set off over the harbor bridge on a dewy August morning, nothing beats a fresh winter morning in Auckland when the sun is out. I had been invited along to a day dedicated to all things photography and fun, an event run by Phab, an inclusive organization promoting self-reliance that enhances the social opportunities for people with disabilities by supporting their members towards designing a meaningful life for themselves.

Community is a safe space where one can be themselves, safe from prejudice or judgment, a place to call home, so when asked to be the photographer and take a few portrait shots of the people who call Phab home, I felt incredibly honored to be there and to share their story.

Phab holds a crucial space for members to get together socially and share more of their life. As the sector leader for youth with disabilities, PHAB was established over 40 years ago in New Zealand and has firmly established itself as a key provider of social programs aimed at reducing social isolation for people with disabilities. PHAB aims to encourage people of all abilities to come together on equal terms and to achieve complete inclusion within the wider community.

PHAB and the many organizations that hold space for inclusion are the backbones to our community, with their core values rooted in valuing diversity, integration, inclusivity, and respect. There is so much we can learn when taking a look into community groups like PHAB and the vital role they play in society and the lives of the individuals who come along to share in conversation, a light afternoon lunch, and new experiences.

Being trusted and invited into a community, to take portrait shots of people who society believes don’t want to have their picture taken meant allot to me and I needed to do it right. Capturing the moments of fun and laughter in this shared experience of being front and centre for the afternoon was beautiful to witness.

what has been happening in the studio since the lockdown 

Four weeks ago life came to a grinding halt and we were all thrust into the unknown. We all had no choice but to sit and ride out the storm. Collectively we had a task at hand, and that was to stop the spread of Covid-19. Focusing on family, staying grounded and trying to navigate some form of ‘new normal’ was top priority. The last four weeks have been time spent reflecting, brainstorming new ideas and planning for the future. 

Expanding the services we offer.

Sunday Studios will be providing editing and retouching services to small and medium sized  businesses, we might not be able to physically go out and shoot content but we are still able to create content from the safety of our home studio. Our goal is to create beautiful and engaging content that connects your brand with your audience, fostering lasting relationships. Let us help you tell your story        

  • Animated Video production for the Web and social media 
  • Video editing including sound mixing. 
  • Image editing and retouching 
  • Photo restoration 

For a full list of the services we provide please visit the  ABOUT page.